Recording Arts

Recording Arts

Recording Arts

Sep 1, 2023


Oct 13, 2023

Students in this program are not tracked into a particular area, but rather are expected to acquire basic skills in all areas.

Lights. Camera. Action! Calling those who want to create and develop thought provoking photography, film, music or video; those who want to use your own personal voices in the production of narrative and documentary projects; to master the art and business and to grasp the full power and potential of this unique art form.  Others programs train in mainstream narrative production.

Students are encouraged to develop stronger and deeper skills in particular areas of interest as they advance through the program and become socially conscious artists!

CAP allows students to explore the creative possibilities of experimental, documentary and independent narrative projects; to develop an understanding of the interdependence between storytelling and aesthetics; to CAPture the expression of underrepresented voices, particularly those of minority, rural and senior communities within Greater Cleveland. (insert music and photography)


Encompasses the entire production process, mastering the rolls of each member of the crew, and cinematography.Projects will include: fundraising, documentary, promotional, public service announcements (PSA’s) and informational videos.


Learn the basics of music production, music theory and artistry, recording techniques, beat making, audio editing, sequencing, arranging techniques and song writing.


/ Semester

Equivelant to: $105.55 per week

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