Literary & Dramatic Arts

Literary & Dramatic Arts

Literary & Dramatic Arts

Sep 1, 2023


Oct 13, 2023

Empowering artistic expression.

instruction in stage confidence, relaxation and concentration, imaginations, acting in the movement, emotions & combat, characterizations, voice projection, and memorization skills. Creative drama is used for improvisation and Black Box.

Advanced training in script work, structured improvisation, acting terminology, monologue work, poetry-out-loud, storytelling, voice-overs. Students will review artistic resume and auditioning techniques.


/ Semester

Equivelant to: $41.66 per week


  • Film & Commercial Acting

  • The Business Of Acting (auditions and artistic resumes)

  • Poetry Slamming & Speech Debate

  • Grandparent Tales

  • To Be Or Not To Be (Shakespeare's World)


  • (3) composition journals

  • Writing pencils

    *it is advised that you use a tape or digital recorder and/or camcorder to record your rehearsals for self-critique

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