You can’t get technology in book work, so our students must access the technology! We seek those who love woodworking sewing, makeup design, fashion design, set design, drafting, scene fabrication, props, special effects, carpentry, mural design, and any other imaginable back-of-the-house operation.

Student designers work on all C.A.P. programming and special events, including the production of recitals, dinner theater, etc. Because our students are not quite professionals, they have open minds—they just don’t know what is possible and don’t have enough experience to know how difficult something is so, they pretty much just do it…fabulously!


This class offers students knowledge and experience in building stages and sets.


Students receive instruction in Stage Management and opportunities to assist the director for the Community Theater spring, finale production.


Students will gain working knowledge of audio sound techniques, digital studio recording, music production (mixing, creating software based beats, and editing), recording engineering,Students may also co-manage audio-visual workshops and training. Job Training opportunities are available.

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