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Empowering artistic expression.
“Notable Sounds & Versus / Majors  & Minors”
Those who want to make beautiful and meaningful music are given many opportunities and excellent instruction in the fundamentals of music that will enable them to achieve a deep, lasting satisfaction in vocal or instrumental performance.
Varying period and genres of music are used in instruction. Students internalize the first step to success: fine-tuning the whole body.


This class is for pianist or keyboardist that have completed beginning music instruction or students with an innate gifting in music.
We will connect jazz and Gospel to American History, as the students research jazz techniques, methods, and creative styles.

Pure Sounds/VOCAL ARTS

This program is instruction in singing. To perfect the voice, we also study musical theater repertoire, diction, posture and performance, breathing techniques, and composition.
Advanced studies in singing performance, sight-reading, pitch control, developing a listening ear, blending sound for ensemble singing.


Equivalent to: $52.22 per week

Required Materials:

  • Composition Notebook (instrumentals)
  • Tuner/Pitch wheel (singers)
  • Music Dictionary
  • Metronome
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