Visual arts

Empowering artistic expression.

Silent Witnesses: The Visual Storytellers

More than any other single art form, Silent Witness is the fusion of all the arts! With the continuing advances in digital technology, unprecedented opportunities have opened up for emerging filmmakers.
We believe this new technology is not only the wave of the future, but also an ideal way to train and nurture serious visual storytellers of tomorrow.


Equivalent to: $47.22 per week


  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Caricature Art
  • Pottery
  • Stained Glass Design
  • Murals & Graffiti
  • Speed Painting
  • Embroidery
  • Quilting
  • Cinematography
  • Hand Shadow
  • Theater
  • Filmmaking and Film Scoring
  • Editing,
  • Production Design
  • Calligraphy

Required Materials & attire:

  • Computer
  • Printer, Paper, Cartridges
  • 35mm or medium-format film Camera
  • Digital still camera (7 megapixel or greater)
  • A worn t-shirt, jeans, and athletic shoes (C.A.P. provides art smocks to youth ages 3 to 10) .
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