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Empowering artistic expression.
"We seek those who have been bitten by the acting bug, the gift of gab, an awesome speaking voice, the spirit of debate, comic and dramatic relief, and the writing spirit of Hemingway"
– Andrea Jackson.
Like an artist with blank canvas, he creates a masterpiece. The goal is to provide his guests with an unforgettable feast. With skillful hands and talent, he makes light work of it. Chopping, mixing and stirring until all the pieces fit.
With pride he serves each dinner, inspecting each fine detail. It must look flawless in his eyes if he is not to fail. His reward is smiling faces, empty plates with nothing left. No higher compliment can be paid to the Artist - the Master - the Chef
Come experience the lost art of cooking! CAP Academy attracts students with a high interest in a career of culinary preparation, food service and management. Arrive an amateur and depart well trained to meet demands in skillful preparation and presentation that is as pleasing to the palate as to the eye.
CAP’s collaboration with collegiate culinary programs along with several local restaurants/country clubs, allow us to offer pre-professional training that enables our students to immediately enter the food industry. CAP Academy offers culinary classes or workshops and hosts Dinner Theater productions throughout the year.


instruction in stage confidence, relaxation and concentration, imaginations, acting in the movement, emotions & combat, characterizations, voice projection, and memorization skills. Creative drama is used for improvisation and Black Box.
Advanced training in script work, structured improvisation, acting terminology, monologue work, poetry-out-loud, storytelling, voice-overs. Students will review artistic resume and auditioning techniques.

living legacy project

Our powerful Living Legacy Project purposes to transform the lives of 14-17 year olds by having them examine their personal, family and cultural histories.
Oral history research, creative writing and theater arts will be combined to empower students to make better choices that will build stronger lives and legacies.

stand-up chameleon

This wonderful program trains students in what we call triple threat. It blends the traits of comic, mime, and storyteller.
Our students learn to beautifully weave together movement, stories, and humor as they create and/or improvise a highly visual and interactive performance.

Creative writing

OUr creative writing students are instructed in writing short stories, biographies, oral tradition pieces, memoires, and fiction. Beginning students prepare short puppet skits.
Advanced training in self-publishing, copywriting, fiction writing, public service announcements for theater, movie trailers, etc. Students seeking certification will coordinate a writer’s conference and complete a two-act play.


  • Film & Commercial Acting
  • The Business Of Acting (auditions and artistic resumes)
  • Poetry Slamming & Speech Debate
  • Grandparent Tales
  • To Be Or Not To Be (Shakespeare's World)

Required Materials:

  • (3) composition journals
  • Writing pencils
  • *it is advised that you use a tape or digital recorder and/or camcorder to record your rehearsals for self-critique
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