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Additional Programming

Empowering artistic expression.

art force

The Greater Cleveland offers a plethora of opportunities for work, recreation and community involvement. CAP partners with community organizations, restaurants, hotels, theaters, art departments, etc to allow students, ages 14-25 to make tangible achievements through internships.
These partnerships facilitate personal advancement and build strong portfolios and allow access to higher education or directly into the workplace. These paid or unpaid internships are provided across all C.A.P arts disciplines.

broadway bootcamp

this special one-week intensive is taught by Broadway veterans and includes an audition with a major Broadway casting director.
This class develops your skills, broadens your theatre know-how and teaches you to give a fearless audition that gets results.

C.A.P. to you

This program offers personnel and resources to companies as well as organizations. In The Mix provides workshops and training in the establishment and management church sound and tape ministries.
We send writers, artists, directors or designers to your location to provide training or arts assistance.

C.A.P. publishing company

This program publishes the original works of our instructors and students.
This organization is run by C.A.P. Programming staff, professional musicians, and a student.

Art of Etiquette

This program of instruction is built into the core C.A.P. curriculum. Students of all ages and socio-economic background, become efficient and effective in dealing with mainstream social and peer pressure, while building or reinforcing self-esteem and confidence.
Protocol and etiquette are keys to success at home, at school, at church, at work and in society. Individuals and organizations may acquire additional training workshops and classes in etiquette.

Internship/Job Training

C.A.P. understands the importance of passing the baton and training today for tomorrow. Thus, C.A.P. offers internships or job training to select C.A.P. students on a 15-20 per week basis. Students may intern in Arts Administration,
Culinary Arts, or Tech Theater (Audio, Visual and Set Design). Premier collaborations with C.A.P. mentors, local businesses and organizations provide further opportunity for job training.


C.A.P. involves local and regional leaders in the entertainment, theater, and arts industry in C.A.P. classes as guest lecturers and as focus groups, to discover what they would like to see in students who complete studies and come to them for jobs.
C.A.P. mentors have pledged support in a variety of ways: internships and shadowing opportunities for the students, scholarships, in-kind donations or equipment, materials and technology and access to their wealth of knowledge.
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